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Concerned about your investment portfolio? Legend Financial Advisors, Inc.® (Legend) is offering you a Personalized No Cost Second Opinion consultation of your investments.  Legend is a Fee-Only, Fiduciary Advisory Firm.

During the consultation, the following services will be provided at no cost:

  1. An analysis of the existing investments and the overall portfolio structure
  2. A technical evaluation of each investment based on historical and potential future performance
  3. An analysis of how your portfolio will perform in a “Stock Market Crash”
  4. A discussion of your personal comfort with risk and how your existing investment portfolio fits
  5. An evaluation of your portfolio’s income tax-efficiency
  6. An estimate of income that can be safely withdrawn from your portfolio
  7. An identification of potential cost reductions within your investment strategy, where possible
  8. Recommendations to maximize gains, preserve wealth, and avoid unnecessary risk

If you have an interest in discussing how a Personalized No Cost Second Opinion assessment can help your personal financial situation, please call us at (888) 236-5960.

The majority of financial industry survey results indicate that between 70% and 80% of investors are not confident in their existing advisor’s or broker’s ability to guide them through volatile markets and/or that they have their clients’ best interests in mind.  Most investors have little confidence that they will be able to achieve their financial goals, including outliving their savings or even fear they will lose their monies.  Are you one of those 70% or 80%?

Interested in receiving a Personalized No Cost Second Opinion assessment?  Take the next step by calling (888) 236-5960.

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