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Legend Financial Advisors, Inc.® (Legend) offers customized Investment Management Services to individuals and institutions.  Investment portfolios are developed to match the client’s return and risk requirements, which are determined by the clients’ completion of a Risk Comfort Zone Questionnaire, with the guidance of a Legend advisor.  Each type of investment portfolio is managed to achieve both the short and long-term investment objectives of the client.


Investment Portfolios:

For a description of our investment portfolios, please see our Risk Spectrum chart.

Investment Research:

Legend performs extensive research as to how to structure investment portfolios.  Emphasis is placed on developing portfolios that have historically achieved high returns, but with lower-than-normal risk.

Legend’s Sources of Academic and Institutional Research include:

  • Several universities, including but not limited to, The University of Chicago, Yale University, and Harvard University
  • Association of Investment Management & Research
  • Various Investment Management organizations and research services

Sources of Current and Historic Worldwide Financial Market and Economic Data include:

  • Investment newsletters, newspapers, periodicals, research publications, and professional journals
  • Portfolio Managers (Legend interviews in excess of 75 portfolio managers per year)

Client Education:

Education is very important to us.  Legend is dedicated to educating each client about the different investment portfolio types and how they relate to market volatility, time horizons, and investment returns.  It is our goal to ensure that the client understands and agrees with our investment philosophy.  Furthermore, we assist each client in selecting a risk comfort zone with which they are comfortable.  Ultimately, an investment portfolio is designed to meet the client’s objectives.


Investment Management clients receive quarterly performance reports.  The report details the portfolio performance during the client’s fiscal quarter and provides a comparison against a number of indices.  While providing detailed information, these performance reports are easy to read and understand.

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